The past tense of shave

Tomo announced this morning as we were getting ready to go out that he had “just shoaved.” I learned that “shoaved” is the past tense of “shave.” I had a good laugh at that, knowing that it sort of made sense but could not come up with a rule that would make shave go to shoaved. Of course, we have the ride/rode combination. Compare that to the hide/hid combination. Or what about the make/made combination? Pay/paid? Write/wrote? Strike/struck? Yikes!

I don’t know how anyone learns English. I can recall in my Japanese class that my fellow classmates wanted some rules to follow for certain patterns. Rules? RULES? Try learning English I bet. The only rule is the exception. Conjugation in Japanese is very easy – and except for one or two exceptions, rules are followed.

I caught Coldplay again tonight. Again on the front row, and again violated. We had a good time. Pictures coming soon I hope.