A taste of Spring

I’m in Kobe this weekend, isolated around the port area and catching a couple of Coldplay shows here. We had great tickets last night (number 4 and 5 into the venue) so I was front row, center. SInce it was general admission though, there was much jockeying for space, pushing, etc. I felt violated and so did Tomo! I’ve been to some crazy, packed dance clubs in my younger days, but never have I become so familiar with those around me. I won’t get in to details, but it seems I should have at least learned the names of a few of the folks!

That’s not the point of this note though. The weather this weekend is amazing. Spring is in the air – you can feel it. It is warmer here than in LA. Unfortunately, it is going to get cold this week with a prediction of snow. But the hint of Spring is really refreshing and I look forward to changing to a light jacket or shirt sleeves. Heck, I am even sort of looking forward to the dog days of summer, the buzzing of cicadas, the oppressive heat. I can wait though and savour the anticipation – for now I want to enjoy the winter a little bit more. As much as I complain about the chill in my apartment, I am really enjoying have seasons.