Would you get your haircut here?

Digging out from my backlog of things to do. My photo exhibition is up and looks good. Today I expected a typhoon but it looks like it is going to head to the east so it won’t be so bad here. While I was walking to the gallery last night I stumbled across this “hair & make” salon. I’m not sure though that this is a place I would really want to visit. Ooops!

Yikes!  Watch the scissors!

Yes, I am that busy right now

Sorry for a complete lack of posts. I am super busy right now so I haven’t had the time to write much. All my free time (which is severely lacking at the moment) has been consumed by a photo exhibition that I committed to in Osu. It’s just a small space in a women’s used clothing and accessory shop, but it is very hip! More info on that soon. Anyway, stick with me, I will be back with more entries in the future.


OK, the plural of census is censuses, but I like censi better. It sounds more appropriate. This year, I am participating in two censuses. I wonder if that is legal? I got the US census and I filled it out as if I was actually living in the US. I don’t know, I guess I wanted to be counted even though I wasn’t there full time. Did I commit a punishable offense?

Now I have received the Japanese census. October 1 was census day, but a few days prior I received a form in English at my front door, delivered by the apartment administrator. Hmmmm, I guess the government really knows where I am, so why do I need to fill out the census if they know so much already? Interesting question.

The Japanese census isn’t so difficult to fill out. It has 14 questions only.

The Census is to be taken simultaneously on a nationwide scale as of Oct.1st, 2010. All persons living in Japan, regardless of their nationalities, will be subjected to this survey which is the most important statistically survey conducted by the Japanese government in conformity with the Statistics Law.
This law stipulates that each survey subject shall submit the completed survey form.
Personnel involved in census taking, including enumerators, are legally bound to maintain confidentiality.
The returned survey forms will be placed under strict control to prevent any leakage of information and will be destroyed completely once the tabulation is complete.
The result of the Census provides basic data for policy making, including those related to the improvement of living conditions for foreign residents

Why is the C capitalized only part of the time? So maybe as a result of the census I’ll get a bigger apartment!

Here’s hoping Interpol doesn’t come after me for complete two census forms in two countries.