Dimensionally speaking …

I’m back in the States now. I was approaching the limit on the amount of vacation I can accrue, so it was time for a break. I decided to fly back to the States to see my friends and family. I would also have enjoyed traveling around Asia, but it has been almost a year since I’ve seen my family – including a niece I hadn’t met yet. I’m now in Indiana, heading to a Purdue football game in just a few hours.

I knew this was the case, but everything is bigger here. Much bigger. I used to think my place in El Segundo was small. I have a little perspective now. My bedroom seemed HUGE. Enough space for a dresser, and a window seat, and I could walk comfortably around the my bed. No sideways shuffle to get to the closet!

Food. Wow. Americans eat big portions. I don’t think I’ve been able to finish any meal that has been placed in front of me. So … much … food.

I’m working on my mom’s computer … so this a quick, stealthy update. Things are good.
It is fun to see family!

I went to Takayama last weekend but didn’t put any pictures up. I will.

Fish on a stick

Greetings from the land of festivals. I thought the festival season was over. I was wrong. I guess in Mito I didn’t really pay attention to festivals because I was either on call or in Tokyo every weekend. Tokyo isn’t really a festival kind of place. But Nagoya – oh Nagoya – a festival is just what the doctor ordered. So yes, it was Nagoya Festival this weekend. Why? I don’t know. Saturday I was enjoyably lazy and had no idea that anything was going on because I didn’t get out until dinner time. Since I found out that the festival was going on though, I figured I check it out today.

But first, I had a real brunch this morning. Yum. My LA colleague’s brother owns an Aussie Pub here in Nagoya that does a Sunday brunch. I thought it was a good day for scrambled eggs on toast, with bacon, sausage, and home fries. Boy did that fill me up. I just wish they had decaf coffee because that would have really been quite the brekkie.

After watching the Japan F1 race on TV, I decided to check out the festival. On the way home from brunch I noticed a parade. It was a parade of floats – people carry floats in costumes. There was a marching band as well, and convertible cars with representatives from Nagoya’s sister cities (including Los Angeles, Sydney, and Mexico City). I didn’t see any Shriners but it gave me pause.

I wandered around the festival a little bit. It was, as I suspected, full of the usual suspects. Various performing acts that didn’t really make sense to me, lots of carnival games, and food stands. I took some pictures because it always makes a blog more interesting.

At the festival they had “fish on a stick” that I couldn’t get the interest in trying.

A taste treat!


If the other was fish on a stick, what in the heck is THIS?!?

I'm not going there!


The standard food stalls were available …

Typical view of any festival


With standard grease heavily in use.

A teppan is never far from oil


And finally, the sky was kind of cool with Oasis 21 and the TV Tower.

An interesting late afternoon sky

Palin Comparison

Oh, how are ya doin’? I’m sittin’ here all the way in Japan. I guess over here they don’t even call it that. Can you believe they call it Nippon? Who knew. Not one of the newspapers people put in front of me ever called it Nippon. Oh, I did notice the kids here are sooo smart – they can speak foreign languages at such a young age. How do they do it? They have never met a maverick like me though, so it takes some gettin’ used to for all the for’ners here. Luckily, I can’t understand the darn press here, so I just answer their questions they way I want to, which is what I try to do at home anyway. Anywho, I can’t find the soccer moms and joe-six packs here so my message of change, of bein’ a maverick, of, you know, getting my message across, well, its about creatin’ jahbs really, doncha know.

Even here, I can’t get away from Sarah Palin. I’ve seen the Katie Couric interviews, I’ve seen the Tina Fey skits. Isn’t it a really bad sign when Tomo finds the Tina Fey skits hilarious? I’ve seen David Letterman express his displeasure over John McCain’s no show. Damn, I’ve even see the ladies of ”The View” duke it out over sexy Sarah. I NEVER WATCH “THE VIEW” WHEN LIVING IN THE US! What has happened to me? Am I starved for US media? What does our country look like to the rest of the world? Sigh. Well, I am doing my part. I have confirmation that the County of Los Angeles has sent my absentee ballot. I was in Japan during the last general election as well. I was glued to the interweb during that election – I’m sure I’ll get little done on November 5 at work. I’ll be watching the results come in. Last time it was a public holiday in Japan and I got to stay home. I got so upset though I had to go for a long walk.

Well, this isn’t supposed to be a political blog, but a lot of my non-work time is consumed wondering about the election.

In other news … hmmm … Fall is still arriving. It is raining tonight which is fine because I can sit inside, hang out, catch up on emails, write in my blog, watch a movie, do some laundry (yes, laundry), read more about American politics.

The Radiohead concert was GREAT. I’ve seen them three times. The first time, thanks to Pablo, I got terrific seats at the Hollywood Bowl. So terrific that Jon Bon Jovi and Emilio Estevez were in the box next to me, Cameron Diaz was a few boxes behind me. The second time I saw them was at the Greek. Tomo and I met Pablo before the show, and we noticed Toby Maguire two people in front of me in line. And then we realized it was Leonardo DiCaprio with him just in front of me. Oh, cool. Here in Japan, at Saitama Super Arena, we had tickets in the front section. We didn’t try to get to the very front. We stayed a little way back but were still as close as I was at the Bowl. No celebrities that I recognized but the show was amazing. The best of the shows I’ve seen. Shows in Japan start so early – this show started at 5:00 pm. We were out of the Arena by 8:30 pm. Cool! I like that! Constrained by train schedules.

OK, well, thanks y’all for readin’ my simple blog. I’ve got to fold my laundry as any maverick would do!

Oh – The title of this blog takes some thinking. Just say it out loud.