Would you learn to drive from this school?

I didn’t mean to start a “Would you …” series of observational photographs. I didn’t expect to be able to develop a series. But, life in a foreign country can often surprise. I while ago I posted a picture of Hair & Make “Hair Oops.” Yikes, not where I want to go.

While in Kyushu, I think I discovered something even more frightening.

Terra Bal Driving School


Terra Bal Driving School


Yes, Terra Bal Driving School. Or, as I like to pronounce it, terrible driving school. I was with a Japanese friend when I saw this, and even he understands how … terrible … the school name is.

Enjoy! Rule & Manner.

My university as fashion

A bit of a fashion trend in Japan is to wear what appears to be US university apparel. In general, I think the names are licensed – Franklin & Marshall (yes, really) is a popular university fashion brand. No one has a clue about the real Franklin & Marshall (the alma mater of a work colleague of mine in the US) of course. One day I saw somebody in an Indiana T-shirt. I thought that couldn’t be a fashion statement, but indeed the wearer was clueless.

I’ve given some of my Japanese friends legimate Purdue t-shirts, bought on campus. Some have looked at the t-shirt like, “Really? When am I going to wear this?” Others wear them proudly. Today, as I was riding to get my haircut, I saw a women with a full length Purdue University t-shirt dress. No way is that from West Lafayette. The logo of course, was right at her chest, and I stared intently trying to figure out which logo they were using. It had elements of the old logo (not the Griffin) but had an italic block P. Definitely not licensed. I wanted to stop and take a picture, but I was running late and I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain why I wanted a picture.

I’m curious if I’ll find any more Purdue University fashion in Japan. If so, I have to buy a t-shirt.

Would you get your haircut here?

Digging out from my backlog of things to do. My photo exhibition is up and looks good. Today I expected a typhoon but it looks like it is going to head to the east so it won’t be so bad here. While I was walking to the gallery last night I stumbled across this “hair & make” salon. I’m not sure though that this is a place I would really want to visit. Ooops!

Yikes!  Watch the scissors!

Really, this isn’t the exit?

In or out?

The English is very clear:

“The exit is not put here.”

This sign was placed near an opening to the gondola loading / unloading area at the Naeba ski area during the Fuji Rock Festival. OK, this sign must tell us that this is not the place for the exit.

Except, the Japanese reads:

“Exit. Do not enter from here.”

So I think the translation was supposed to be

“The entrance is not put here.”

Oh well.

I think I was originally drawn to this because the writing was funny anyway. But when I read the Japanese, it was even funnier.