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Once upon a time, this blog had a highly customized interface using a third party WordPress template that had lots and lots of customization options. Plus, I think I went a little under the hood to further customize it. I even had some Yahoo! specific plugins to “help” me. Over the years, WordPress software upgrades happened, and the template updates lagged. At some point an upgrade basically compromised access to this blog and killed every link. All I could do was sneak onto it and do a search to find something I remembered. It was very disappointing as I put a lot of effort in documenting my time in Japan and this blog was a nice diary for me. After all, I can relive my swine flu contact tracing experience from this blog.

I finally made the decision to rehost my domain as I was paying way too much for the service I was using and the host’s interface became a nightmare. I manually transferred the site, blog, and database to the new host. One interaction with support got the database hooked up again, and one obscure four step instruction buried in a discussion board got my WordPress panel working. After a few, “Let’s see what this does” experiments, all my links started working again. I’m pretty sure my .htaccess file was destroyed in some upgrade and just selecting a permalink recreated that. Anyway …

Now I’ll go with a mutt instead of a greyhound and use a WordPress basic theme that will hopefully be minimally impacted by WordPress updates. After all, this blog is really just for me. I don’t need people to be impressed, I just want to ready my diary. If you happened to stumble across this blog, I can’t guarantee all the links will work. Some of them are over 11 years old. Atahualpa theme, you served me well. For more blogging adventures, especially the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (fingers crossed), go to jonathanfish.com.

Congratulations on the Women’s World Cup Championship!

Congratulations to the Japan National Women’s team on their World Cup Championship victory. It was a beautiful match to watch, as a matter of fact it seems more precise and better played than a lot of men’s matches I’ve seen. I’m not a soccer player and I’m not even an armchair wing (get it?), but I do understand a little of the game. It was high tension, and the Twittersphere and Facebook were full of friends watching and posting as well.

Japan wins 2011 Women's Soccer World Cup!

Credit Michael Sohn / AP


One of the personal highlights of the night was a Twitter exchange with Fumiyuki Beppu, the reigning Japan Time Trial AND road race national champion who rides for Team Radioshack. He was tweeting, in French, that the Japanese were at an advantage because they understand English but the US women can’t understand Japanese. So I responded back in Japanese AND French that I am an American and can understand Japanese. He responded, “C’est Bien!!” Ha! Pretty cool. He tweets in Japanese, French, and English. I guess after last night you can say I do too, but it would be a stretch.


My friend Ken, who is probably the only person in the world that follows me and Fumy Beppu on Twitter noticed.

Another オタク


Another interesting tidbit from the Twittersphere – Ken and I tweeted at exactly the same time, “Oh. My. God.” Same punctuation, same capitalization. Same. Pretty scary.

Oh. My. God

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Blogging Statistics for 2010

Last year, on January 2, I tweaked my blog and published some statistics. I guess this is becoming a tradition because I did it again. This year, no visual updates, but I did update the underlying WordPress software. If anyone finds any problems with the blog, drop me a note.

According to one plug in, since I started the blog I have had 4035 unique pages served, 88337 total sessions, and 249,759 total hits. This is a running sum, up from 2250, 33950, and 103380 from last year. Not completely sure what it means but it is interesting.

Last year I added a visible blogging statistic plugin. It has been interesting to see the results. Japan is leading the way viewing the blog, primarily because I got linked on a national news site and got quite a bump for a few days.

Number of hits for the year


I’ve had visitors from every state in the union, with California leading the way. I’ve had visitors from a total of 123 countries, out of the 194 countries recognized by the US, +1 since the US does not recognize Taiwan as independent from China. That’s 63% of the countries in the World. I need Africa and South America to step it up a little. Where is Uraguay? Burkina Faso? Come on people! According to that statistics plugin my site has been viewed 12,693 times with 8112 unique visitors.

Blogging statistics



I’ve had over 3000 visitors to my blog since January 1, 2010. That’s not bad over a 4 month period. OK, I know friends who get that kind of traffic in a day, but still…

Although a lot of my hits are for really icky searches that need not be repeated here, I’ve had almost 2000 unique page views. Coupled with the 3000+ views, that means I do have some people coming back. Thanks all, for the continued support. I’ll try to post more consistently.

It is nice being back in my apartment in Nagoya where all my “stuff” is. Maybe that inspired me to blog. Or maybe blogging from LA about Japan just seems strange.

A snapshot of my stats