It’s a tie

As part of my exit panic, I decided I wanted to see a baseball game. I’m not usually one who will go to an event by myself. I won’t go to a concert alone, I won’t go to a movie alone I won’t go to a sporting even alone. I always thought I would be too lonely because a big part of those events for me are the social interaction. I invited one friend to go together and never heard back, so I took that as a “no” (I actually did hear from him during the game …). I posted on Twitter to see if any of my Twitter friends wanted to go. Nope. It seems people had plans. I was resolute – I was going to go. So I went.

The game started out will with my hometown Chunichi Dragons jumping to a 1 – 0 lead. The Hiroshima Carp (I’ve GOT to get a jersey) tied it up in the 5th I believe. It became a real pitchers dual. Well, not really, a lot of hits were squandered. The hits were high but the score low. The kept the game long but without scoring.

The Nagoya Dome and Japanese baseball are pretty well document here, so I won’t go into detail. The game was interesting and went into extra innings. I was sitting intently, watching the game, the 10 inning ended scoreless and then … everyone walked off the field and the stands started emptying.


Tied game

Actually, I knew this would happen. This year, games are limited to 3.5 hours to conserve electricity post 3/11 earthquake and tsunami. So I was watching the clock along with the scoreboard, the pitching strategy, etc. I personally think Hiroshima was playing for a tie. I’m not sure what is going to happen in the Japan Series, but last year after 15 innings, one of the games was declared a tie. Apparently there is a different rule about regular season games going only 12 innings, where the Series probably has a different rule.

Anyway, that was fine. I needed to get home. I decided to take a different route to the subway to be “clever.” I was not clever and it cost me about 1 hour. Ooops.

In spite of my slightly negative commentary here, I did have a good time and going alone was easy.