Congratulations on the Women’s World Cup Championship!

Congratulations to the Japan National Women’s team on their World Cup Championship victory. It was a beautiful match to watch, as a matter of fact it seems more precise and better played than a lot of men’s matches I’ve seen. I’m not a soccer player and I’m not even an armchair wing (get it?), but I do understand a little of the game. It was high tension, and the Twittersphere and Facebook were full of friends watching and posting as well.

Japan wins 2011 Women's Soccer World Cup!

Credit Michael Sohn / AP


One of the personal highlights of the night was a Twitter exchange with Fumiyuki Beppu, the reigning Japan Time Trial AND road race national champion who rides for Team Radioshack. He was tweeting, in French, that the Japanese were at an advantage because they understand English but the US women can’t understand Japanese. So I responded back in Japanese AND French that I am an American and can understand Japanese. He responded, “C’est Bien!!” Ha! Pretty cool. He tweets in Japanese, French, and English. I guess after last night you can say I do too, but it would be a stretch.


My friend Ken, who is probably the only person in the world that follows me and Fumy Beppu on Twitter noticed.

Another オタク


Another interesting tidbit from the Twittersphere – Ken and I tweeted at exactly the same time, “Oh. My. God.” Same punctuation, same capitalization. Same. Pretty scary.

Oh. My. God

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