When I was a kid, I thought that if I walked into a room backwards, no one would see me because I couldn’t see them. Maybe that’s why I’ve always had trouble with the commutative property in math. I’ve been walking backwards though to my repatriation. If I don’t look at it, it won’t notice me and I’ll get to stay longer in Japan. Just like 6 divided by 5 is NOT the same as 5 divided by 6, I must go home sometime. And if that simile makes any sense, you are smarter than me.

My last day in Japan is October 15. Well … it had been until Thursday, then became August 31, and then became October 15 again. That 6 week shortening of the time really knocked me off my feet, and also made me realize I need to get crackin’ on things. So I’m taking vacation this week.

After over 3 years on a 19 month assignment, and after being told I’m too expensive, it is time to go home. Plus, I need to reconnect with my home organization before they start saying “Jon who?” or spelling my name with an “h.”

This blog will still report on stuff, and I’m sure the trials and tribulations of repatriation will move to the forefront. Even sadder, is this blog is likely to be closed (although it will not be deleted). I plan to have a new blog, but I suspect the content will be less.

You’ve got three months stuck with me on this blog still, and all my entries will still be available even after I return home, so continue to enjoy the ride and remember it in the future!