Is there really such a high demand?

I decided this week to visit the “Night Zoo” at Higashiyama Koen. Usually I dislike zoos because I find it really sad to see animals just pacing back and forth and doing wacky things like butting their heads against a fence on every pass. But, sometimes I have to have a goal or else I’ll just waste my time and all of a sudden it will be late Sunday night and I’ll be depressed for the start of the work week. So my goal was to hit the zoo. I asked a friend if he wanted to join me at the last minute, but he was busy so it was solo for me.

Higashiyama Night Zoo


For some strange reason, I decided, even though the subway stops RIGHT at the zoo, that it would be a good idea to ride my bicycle to the zoo. According to the Map application on my iPhone it is only 7.2 km from my apartment to the zoo. No problem. So I saddled up the ママチャリ and away I went. Although I am sure this was not the case, it seems it was uphill with a headwind all the way there.

I always like to carry my camera whenever I ride my bicycle because you never know what you might see above ground. This time was no different. Tonight, on the way home, I passed a balloon shop.

A balloon store


That’s right, a balloon shop. Now I know where to go when I need balloons. Talk about a specialty shop. It is actually MORE than a balloon shop. The do printing, balloon art, and planning. I’m not sure what balloon planning is, but they do it.

Balloon art training


As for the zoo, it was as I expected. Some animals looked happy, some looked sad. Clearly the newer exhibits pay more attention to the needs of the animal. It seems that wherever there is a pool for the animal to play in, they seem happier.

The lonely rhinoceros

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