And so it is declared

A blurry, cloudy night

On June 13, 2010, rainy season was declared for my part of Japan (Tokai). As I have posted before, I love the official proclamations of seasons, whether it is 梅雨 (tsuyu), 花見 (hanami), or any other artificial season. My interpreter knows my fascination with an official announcement as well and was kind enough to send me the following:

Above article says that the Japan Meteorological Agency announced that it seemed to begin rainy season in Shikoku, Tyugoku, Kinki, Tokai, and Hokuriku regions on June 13th. As you know, even the declaration of the Japan Meteorological Agency is inarticulate and not clear:-).

Sorry JMA! And the article …



That’s all very interesting. However, I think the screen capture below says it all.

Rainy season, what rain?


I really am looking forward to the next few days.