Bored and uninspired

At least I was inspired enough to say that I was uninspired.

Sometimes life is just that – living. I go to work, work long, stressful hours, I come home, try to accomplish something but lately have been accidently falling asleep on the couch. Amazing! I’ve been trying to watch some World Cup as well which might explain why I am having accidental naps. The games are on at 11:00 pm and 3:30 am. I’ve seen two of the 3:30 am matches. The US is out but at least I still have Japan.

I was supposed to be in either Shanghai or Madrid this weekend but instead I am in rainy Nagoya. We had to cancel the Shanghai trip because Tomo had a conference that never actually got organized. My friend Wouter got married in Madrid this weekend. Congratulations. Unfortunately I could not find a reasonable way to get there and I feel bad about that. Sorry Wouter.

The iPhone 4 is out and I’m jonesing for it. Sound familiar? I can’t justify a new phone but it is tempting, especially when an Apple executive I went to college with tells me it’s their best product ever. Well, that’s saying a lot.

In an effort to get out of the house I made the Apple Store my goal. Being bored and uninspired can be dangerously expensive as consumer therapy can kick in. I was a good boy though, I only bought a pair of boxers for 600 yen at The Gap. Too much information, I know, but they were fish boxers and I can never pass those up.

I can never pass up fish boxers

Anyway, checked out the new iPhone 4 and the iPad prices. The iPhone is sweet, but I think FaceTime makes me look fat. To quote Thom Yorke, “Gravity always wins.” Tomo and I are having a contest to see who can get to their target weight. I’m basically at mine already so I need to shift my focus to redistribution of weight. That used to be a LOT easier.

Well, that’s general ramblings from Nagoya. I never thought I would post a picture of my underwear, but there you go! I can’t wait to see what hits this entry generates.

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  1. Jon,
    I check out your blog every now and then – can maybe give some feedback over a drink one day. Susan & I are thinking of an October trip. If it works out it would be nice to say hello.

    Long stressful work hours suck – hope that can evolve into something more rewarding.



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