I just wanted to note that my blog is now over 1 year old and I posted my 100th entry sometime near the one year anniversary.


100 entries, 1 year. That is an average of 3.65 days between entries. That doesn’t seem right. As I suspected, the blog has changed over time. At first I concentrated on the shock of being in Japan, and then the trials and tribulations of settling in to my place. I had a full year of matsuri to report on, and the seasons to experience. I mixed in a couple of vacations.

So now what? I assume I’ll continue to find amusement in Japan and I’ll report on it. Plus, folks always like vacation pictures, so I’ll include those as well. I like the blog as a tool to communicate with friends and family, so I’ll continue to update it as best I can.

I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been in the States and have been able to communicate directly with folks. Provided swine flu doesn’t change my plans, I am soon on my way back to Japan, ready for interesting reportage.