Economic stimulator

Hey! I’ve done over 100 posts now. Do I think my life is really that interesting?

Well, although the posting will say 16 April, it is still the 15th of April for me. I’ve been back in the US for about 7 hours now. In that time, I’ve

  • Rented a car
  • Unpacked
  • Showered
  • Made two Doctor’s appointments
  • Bought a suit and tie at Macy’s
  • Bought a jacket and shirt at Ben Sherman
  • Purchased product for my hair
  • Purchased new glasses and ordered lens
  • Visited one of my favorite independent book stores only to learn that it had closed.

If the economy turns around in a day you can thank me. This was not a cheap day.

One Reply to “Economic stimulator”

  1. Wow — busy day! I have the day off from babysitting today (well, tomorrow and Monday, too, but those were planned) because the little girl I watch got her hand shut in a van door last night: two broken fingers, and they’re worried about the growth plate in her hand. But… I have the day off, so I’m headed out to Target and Home Depot with the girls, and that’s about as much running around as I can handle at one time. Everything is more difficult when each stop involves taking two children out of car seats, and then putting them back in.

    Will you have your new glasses when you arrive here tomorrow?

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