Too much to show and tell

I’ve been working on a Thailand entry for over two hours now and I’m not even close to completing. I admire those that can blog every day. Where do they get the time? Gosh, maybe I’ll add a column of ads to see if I can supplement my work. If both of you that read this blog keep clicking through maybe I’ll make some money.

I’m still editing pictures and content and trying to organize. It isn’t like it is a spectacular blog entry, just a lot to cover. Tomorrow night I have to study for class on Tuesday night, so I’m not sure when the next post will be. I’ll try my best.

In the meantime, here’s a picture because everyone likes a picture.

Temple at the Grand Palace

3 Replies to “Too much to show and tell”

  1. It’s worth posting more because I’m dying to hear more about your vacation and I couldn’t drag my rear end out of bed last night while you and Bob were iChatting. Thanks for the teaser post.

  2. Of COURSE I’ll post more. I’m working on it still. I promise pictures, quips, and links to other websites. It just takes time and I had to fall asleep reading Japanese out loud tonight. I feel like a third grader reading out loud to myself. However, I guess there is a reason why kids do it in school, huh?

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