My university as fashion

A bit of a fashion trend in Japan is to wear what appears to be US university apparel. In general, I think the names are licensed – Franklin & Marshall (yes, really) is a popular university fashion brand. No one has a clue about the real Franklin & Marshall (the alma mater of a work colleague of mine in the US) of course. One day I saw somebody in an Indiana T-shirt. I thought that couldn’t be a fashion statement, but indeed the wearer was clueless.

I’ve given some of my Japanese friends legimate Purdue t-shirts, bought on campus. Some have looked at the t-shirt like, “Really? When am I going to wear this?” Others wear them proudly. Today, as I was riding to get my haircut, I saw a women with a full length Purdue University t-shirt dress. No way is that from West Lafayette. The logo of course, was right at her chest, and I stared intently trying to figure out which logo they were using. It had elements of the old logo (not the Griffin) but had an italic block P. Definitely not licensed. I wanted to stop and take a picture, but I was running late and I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain why I wanted a picture.

I’m curious if I’ll find any more Purdue University fashion in Japan. If so, I have to buy a t-shirt.