Years in the making

The city has been working on a bike lane for a very long time. It seems like at least 2 years. I can’t be sure. I do have some historical records I think on various blog posts. Here’s a post from January, and here’s one from October … of 2009.

Yesterday, they finally opened up the approximately 800 meter bike lane. It removed a lane on a very busy street.

Opening Day


The first day the sidewalk was armed with heavily clothed workers on a lower ‘90s kind of day (34 degC) with quite a bit of humidity directing traffic to the new bike lane.

Controlling the flow


It gets a little confusing


Lots of signage and rules associated with this bike lane and parking areas.

No lack of signage


No lack of signage


No lack of signage


No lack of signage


People seemed to be using it pretty happily, well most people. It’s funny to me, because I only see these bike lanes on streets with really wide sidewalks anyway!

This way please