Santa and Friends, Nagoya

Every year the expat community in Nagoya gets together to support the local orphanages and provide gifts for Christmas.

Santa & Friends Nagoya was officially formed in January, 2009 however this is the 6th year we have been visiting the 5 orphanages to help celebrate Christmas and spread a little cheer. With the assistance of many great volunteers, we have carried out Christmas events over the past 5 years at different orphanages and last year decided to bring all the children together for one fantastic Christmas celebration. It is our goal again this year to share the Christmas spirit with over 250 children who live in 5 different orphanages around Nagoya. Through the effort of many volunteers, generous individuals and companies, we are able to bring smiles to many children on a special day which most children usually spend with their families. We are now working with a number of companies and very generous individuals, and are offering different kind of opportunities and support for the children throughout the year as well. If you could find it in your hearts to help through volunteering or donation to help spread the Christmas spirit to a number of great children, it would mean so much.

If there are any expats in Nagoya reading this blog and want to get involved, there is a website that provide a little more information (only a little). You can contact them through that website.

According to the website, there are currently collection jars for cash donations at The Red Rock, Sarmale, The Elephant’s Nest, ACHE Pa’ti, and Shooters.