Party in Central Park

Central Park Nagoya, that is. Yes, Nagoya has a Central Park. It is basically a wide median in the center of the city. It is nice though to have such a green strip running through the center of the city. Today the Park was abuzz though because there was a 24 hour television event, some music underneath the TV tower, and the main stage for the Domannaka Festival. Wow, what a day for Nagoya.

There were some old-timers jamming underneath the TV tower.

Music under the tower


And some sort of 24 hour television event. I’ve never quite understood these events. They don’t seem to be fundraisers or have any purpose other than promotion. I never really watch these events. I don’t watch much Japanese TV.

24 hour television


This weekend is the 12th annual ど真ん中祭り (yes, another festival). I’ve written about this festival before. I only saw one group wearing fundoshi this year, and perhaps it would have been better to have been a little more modest. As always though, the costumes and dancing were fun.



The requirements for the festival are simple:

The rules of the festival state that each dancer must hold a naruko, or clapper, and that a melody from a local folk tune of the participants’ home area must be incorporated in the music. The teams thus prepare original dances and music that give a sense of their local culture. The greatest characteristic and charm of Domatsuri is that it connects people from many different areas and countries, and gives them an opportunity to vitalize local communities as well as to create and pass on new cultural expressions.



I ended up going to the festival site, having a beer, and watching the stage performances on an outdoor screen. The weather today wasn’t that bad.

Warm but not impossible


Cooling off


Maybe it was over 90 degF, but the humidity was a little lower so I was comfortable in the shade.