Some blogging statistics

As part of my chillin’ New Year’s Day, I did a slight blog tweak. I added a counter that displays flags representing the country of visitors. I think it is pretty cool. Also, I looked at some of the statistics for my blog. I learned I have had, to date, a total of 103380 page hits. Wow. I’m not sure that I believe that number. I’ve had 33950 total sessions, and 2250 unique pages served. Hey, that’s not all me. Thanks to those out there that have inflated these numbers. Or perhaps my one reader travels a lot and checks the blog frequently.

The counter that I added shows the top 16 countries of visitor locations. Will people from 16 different countries even visit? Probably, because I think the visits include hits from search engines. Knowing the types of searches that get directed to my blog (fertility festival, naked man festival, and unfortunately boys and fundoshi seem to be popular searches that find my blog), I’m sure I’ll eventually pick up 16 countries.