Overwhelmed post-vacation

As I write this, but obviously not as I post this, I am sitting on a 747-400 heading from Paris to Seoul and then on to Nagoya. I’ve had a great vacation in London and Paris with Tomo, and there is so much to cover. I have over 800 pictures to edit that may be of interest. So although I want to post everything immediately, I also don’t want to post a bunch of words with no pictures, pictures with no story. Plus I want real galleries available with bigger, higher resolution pictures, so that will take time too. The blog probably will have a few highlights that support the narrative but I hope to point to galleries elsewhere on the interwebs.

London and Paris have changed a lot since I first traveled there 20 years ago. Of course, many things are still the same. Keep checking back for more details including, Wembley Stadium, Gwyneth Paltrow, helicopters, Ben Sherman, the strength of the dollar, terrific views, internet access, Michael Kors, the mobs at the Louvre, the award to the country of most obnoxious travelers, and many other things.

As a teaser, here is a picture that Tomo took of me inside the Arch de Triomphe as we were ascending from the top. It is a really cool picture.

In the Arch de Triomphe

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