Quick Report – Hakone

As my previous juvenile post stated, I took a day off on Friday (except I worked too many hours up to Friday so I just didn’t go in to work but I didn’t take a vacation day) and used one of my free nights at a Hyatt in Hakone. Next plan is Fall in Kyoto. Anyway, Tomo and I met in Hakone-Yumoto and chugged Swiss style halfway up a mountain to the resort town of Gora. It was really just a chance to escape the city. The hotel was really relaxing – perhaps too relaxing because we took advantage of Happy Hour and I wasn’t too happy later in the evening with a headache.

Our room with a view was very nice and spacious. The lines were very clean – it felt modern to both of us. To me, it felt Japanese as well but Tomo isn’t so sure. Since Tomo is actually Japanese, perhaps he’s right.

A sleek room with a view

We had a nice view over to the other mountain from our faux balcony. The balcony area was completely enclosed, yet was separated from the rest of the room. It was a very nice sitting area.

I noticed a few families there. I’m not sure what the kids would do – I bet they got bored just staying in the hotel. But you can always find something to do on a mountain.

There was a gaggle of school girls departing their school in Gora for various locations down the mountain, mostly in Hakone-Yumoto. The school uniforms are very interesting – I love the hats. I wondered if it was a Catholic School because I swear I saw one girl reading Mother Teresa manga. Who knows.

Boshi, boshi, boshi

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