Sign of the times

As I was riding around the city today I heard the first cicadas of the season. We don’t have those in Cal-li-for-nee-a (think Ahhnold). Certainly had them in Indiana and around Australia. If you get near a whole bunch of them it feels like they are in your head rattling around. They aren’t that thick in Japan yet but they will be soon. I really like the critters, they remind me of summer time. They drive me a little crazy when they feel like they are in my head but that’s the price you pay for cool bugs sometimes.

Stamp of Japanese cicada

For something completely different I went to Mexican food tonight at Jerry Uno’s in Nagoya. Yum, it was pretty good. It wasn’t Pachanga’s, but it was the best I could do. It was a welcomed change. I had a couple of Corona’s, some chips and salsa, a bean soft taco (with mayonnaise of course – why does everything have to have mayo?), and a spicy burrito. Yum. It was a welcome change of pace. I rode my bike to my boss’ apartment and then we met up with another colleague and walked to the restaurant. I enjoyed using the bike as transportation.

I am going to the opening day of the sumo wrestling tournament in Nagoya tomorrow. It should an interesting cultural experience. I’ll try to get some pictures.

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