So where was I?

I had plans of continuing my interesting saga but then I fell in to the post-dinner work email trap trying to make sure things get kicked off in the US so they have the day to work and my inbox can be full of surprises in the morning.

Oh yeah, credit card problems. My bill from Furniture Dome added up to a non-trivial amount. I figured since they accepted credit cards I’d use my credit union credit card, get some points, and save the cash for other stores that might not take credit cards. And you know what happened next. REJECTED. Sigh. Fortunately, I always have a backup credit card in case something stupid happens. REJECTED. Darn. Of course, both of these credit cards know that I am living in Japan. I felt pretty stupid. I called my credit union credit card and they informed me that my card is marked for living in Japan, but such a big purchase at a furniture store will always raise a flag. So what’s the point of having a credit card? Oh, I was on hold for 20 minutes. They authorized a transaction and the store did the old school imprint of the card. I found out today that they cannot process an American Visa card, so I have to figure something out. I don’t believe them of course., especially since my credit card balance shows a lack of balance with a lack of charges which means a lot of authorizations. I paid part of the balance in cash – now I just have to figure out how to get the rest to them before delivery.

Next, I had found a very nice store called BoConcept in Tokyo, and they have a store in Nagoya as well. It turns out they have a store in LA too! I had planned the couch to be a big purchase. The joy and the trouble is the couch is custom made. We had to choose the size, the arm style, the leg style, and then the fabric. I didn’t have much problem with the size, the arm style, and the leg style. But the fabric – that is a different story. There are 5 grades of fabric and of course I stumbled on to fabric from the most expensive grade. I really like the couch and anticipate that I will ship it back to the US when I leave Japan. BoConcept also had some nice leather covered chairs that I really liked. I wanted to buy one as just a side chair in the living room. However, Tomo did some quick calculations and came to the conclusion that it would be almost the same price to buy 4 of these chairs instead of the icky ones we saw at Furniture Dome for the dining room table. There was some rounding and justification, but in the end I saw what he meant. So I bought 4 of the chairs I liked! I can put two in the living room and two in the dining room or variations as I see fit. I’m very excited about that. Unfortunately, I had not paid. In spite of the fact that I had cleared another credit card, it didn’t work. I gave BoConcept the remainder of my cash and a promise to pay the balance later (somehow).

Next on the shopping list was electronics. No problem with work Mastercard there. Only later. I got a washer, dryer, refrigerator (kind of small), microwave, and television. The TV is nice. We had shopped around other stores and had price differences, so we were able to do some negotiating.

I still have one more store to go to … but I’m tired. Time to call three credit card companies now.

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