You’ve got to look good – always

A few weeks ago, a group of colleagues loosely formed around my Japanese teacher decided it would be a good idea to see a soccer match. I’ve described the Nagoya Grampus in my previous post. The only problem was that it was occurring basically at the same time the remnants of a typhoon were blowing through. It didn’t make for the best weather walking to the stadium.

Rainy day


But, in typical Japanese fashion, even if the winds are destroying umbrellas, and you are reduced to a red poncho, it is important to have the Louis Vuitton front and center.

Fashion Sense?

Why carry a Louis Vuitton bag in such a mess? I hope it was a knockoff.

The soccer match was fun, and the Grampus won. I think the final score was 5 – 2. Maybe it was 4 – 2. We all emjoyed it.

The true fans