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Ahhhh, I am in a very good mood. Nice cycling day. Lots of hard work, pain, and fun. Riding in we went through Pismo Beach and Oceano. The people were amazing. People on the streets, cheering us on. Kids reaching out to hand us things. I was riding with Mark and Scott. We were riding pretty fast and they were still handing us stuff. Although this sounds very LA, there was a lot of positive energy. It’s a great feeling. So this kid handed me a note:

To: you

From: A friend

Thank you for doing this my friend has A.I.D.S. Great Job. Keep it up.

AIDS Sucks

It was a group of school children giving everyone notes. Other folks were giving us red vines. So it was glamorous, exciting, fast, fun.

The day started out with a quick warmup followed by a big, big hill. Evil twin #1. Scott and I stuck together mostly up the hills. I moved up quickly, very happy with the "performance." It was bright, sunny, and hot all the way up the climb. Just past the peak of evil twin #2 is the halfway point. Scott and I stopped for a photo op and the fog rolled in. Or started to roll in. We held our bikes above our heads and had our picture taken. Then others started taking our pictures too. It was really cool. The descent was foggy, wet, and cold. Definitely not a good thing for the knees. I hit it hard, trying to stay warm. I rode out of the second stop with some of the "bunnies" (Scott, Scott, Gil, Mark). We made good time again. Its amazing … every segment I rode very hard. But my average was slower. The statistics for today:

Distance – 72.87 mile (117.27 km)

Time on bike – 4:17:22

Average speed – 16.98 mph (27.33 kph)

Max – 36.72 mph (59.1 kph)

Day 4 Route

It was funny to hear people say, "Only 70 miles today?" Its true you get in this groove. Its all about the trip and the experience. No worrying about the things you have to do the rest of the day. No feeling guilty about just hanging out after the ride. Its just the bike and your friends. Writing this is the first time I thought about work, and only because I was thinking that I wasn’t thinking about it. Is it a vacation? It sure is. I’m doing something I enjoy, hanging out with friends that I’ve known for a long time and have history with (Ben, Scott), and making lots of new friends too. And Ben and I certainly determined there were lots of cute girls and boys to look at!

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