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Am I allowed to rearrange my concern list? #1. Knees. They are really hurting, apparently due to overdeveloped lateral quads. I am able to ride, and ride hard, but not without pain. After the ride today, I iced and then went to the Sports Medicine tent. At that tent pain was inflicted on me that I have never experienced before in my life. I nearly passed out. Really. Comparable to x-rays of my entire body in 1983 after a rather major car crash. Anyway, Dominatrix Julie pushed and prodded until she figured out my problem was my ITO. I.T.Ouch!! Then she proceeded to do something, some procedure that was supposed to make it better [stripping]. Then I went to the "knee pain" talk at 7:00 pm. Isn’t that great? I learned some stretching exercises to do and hopefully that will get me through (along with taping). It sucks, I’m pissed off about it – especially since I’ve had a season on this bike with the adjustments I have. Could it be the fact that recently I changed my cleats? Probably. I tied to maintain the same position though. Tomorrow is a big climbing day, and I had hoped to hit it really hard. We’ll see what I am able to do.

Sometime I need to write about the mornings. They are not my usual schedule. We got up at 4:30 today and I expect the same tomorrow. With everyone else getting up then, what do you expect? Don’t have much choice.

Day 2 Route

So today’s statistics are distance – 104.19 miles (167.68 km), time on bike – 5:52:05, avg – 17.75 mph (28.57 kph)! Max – 41.94 mph (67.5 kph). That is, in spite of the knee, a fantastic, amazing day. Beautiful ride, good tailwind (mostly), and incredibly fast last 40 miles. If it wasn’t for my knees I’d be exuberant. Instead, I’m a wee bit depressed, but still proud of what I’ve done.

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