“Hey, I’m wearing a kimono”

What do you do when someone contacts you and says, “Hey, I’m wearing a kimono tomorrow. Do you want to have lunch?” You say, “Sure, can I take pictures?”

That’s exactly what happened. A few weekends ago I had absolutely no plans other than a work nomikai (drinking party) on Friday night, and it looked like my weekend was going to be spent pretending not to be lonely. Then I made plans to meet a friend to watch the Asian Cup finals. And then a friend emailed with the kimono invitation. And then another friend emailed for a hiking / onsen / dinner adventure. It turned in to a perfect weekend.

Kaoru-san wanted to practice putting on a kimono. Apparently, it isn’t so easy to do. I’ve never tried it. I guess it is a waste to practice putting it on without going out in it. So Kaoru-san and Haru-san invited me to lunch and coffee. Cool. We went to Kakuozan for lunch, and then walked up to the Nittaiji temple. I had never been to Kakuozan, and really enjoyed it. The street heading up to the temple is full of interesting little shops.

On the street in Kakuozan


Modeling kimono


We ate at Zarame Nagoya, which is a doughnut shop in Nagoya. But we had hamburgers. Really? Yup. It is a shame they were sold out of doughnuts, especially for the little girl that marched in and proudly ordered doughnuts, only to learn they were out. She was NOT happy.

We were quite happy though and enjoyed a nice lunch.

In Zarame




In Zarame


Although it was cold outside, we walked up to the Nittaiji temple for some pictures.







Enjoying a good fortune.

Perhaps a kimono brought good fortune


Unfortunately, Kaoru-san’s sandals experienced mechanical failures, so she could not walk forwards in them. Here are Kaoru-san and Haru-san walking the same direction as we leave the temple.

Heading the same direction


What a great afternoon.