Blogging Statistics for 2010

Last year, on January 2, I tweaked my blog and published some statistics. I guess this is becoming a tradition because I did it again. This year, no visual updates, but I did update the underlying WordPress software. If anyone finds any problems with the blog, drop me a note.

According to one plug in, since I started the blog I have had 4035 unique pages served, 88337 total sessions, and 249,759 total hits. This is a running sum, up from 2250, 33950, and 103380 from last year. Not completely sure what it means but it is interesting.

Last year I added a visible blogging statistic plugin. It has been interesting to see the results. Japan is leading the way viewing the blog, primarily because I got linked on a national news site and got quite a bump for a few days.

Number of hits for the year


I’ve had visitors from every state in the union, with California leading the way. I’ve had visitors from a total of 123 countries, out of the 194 countries recognized by the US, +1 since the US does not recognize Taiwan as independent from China. That’s 63% of the countries in the World. I need Africa and South America to step it up a little. Where is Uraguay? Burkina Faso? Come on people! According to that statistics plugin my site has been viewed 12,693 times with 8112 unique visitors.

Blogging statistics