Meee YOW!!!

I live across the street, and maybe a block away from the biggest concentration of hostess bars in Nagoya (Nishiki). Lucky me. As a matter of fact, the bar district separates me from the biggest shopping area in Nagoya as well (Sakae). In general, I avoid walking through Nishiki because during the day it is ugly and dirty. At night, it isn’t any cleaner, but at least the lights mask the ugliness. I get tired of being welcomed to any number of bars with soliciting men and women. Most often I walk to a major street that is lined with offices and shops to get to Sakae. It is a little out of the way but more pleasant. Those times that I do walk through Nishiki, I can’t help notice the signage with pictures of the hostesses in various “sensual” poses.

As I come out of my subway station, I see a little different signage that reminds me very much of those hostess bar advertisements. This ad though is for a 猫カフェ. That translates to a “Cat Café.” Yes, you read that correctly. It is a café where the draw or the gimmick is a bunch of cats to keep you company.

I think the board shows the most popular cats in their most seductive poses.



This is the most seductive.

meee yow!


You’ve got to click on this link to check out the “cat staff.”

This gives you a little more detail about the concept.

What is the course?


Here’s a picture of koreo-kun.



I don’t know if they do shows, if they have a pole, or if they will pour you drinks while purring seductively. I wouldn’t be surprise.