Trans tellie

There’s a new drama coming out on WOWOW cable channel here in Japan, interestingly title, “ママは昔パパだった,” which translates to, “In the past, mama was papa.” I asked Tomo today if indeed that was what I thought it was – a television drama about a transsexual. He said, “Yes, it is.” He expressed his fear how the show might play out in terms of treating such a sensitive subject. Transexuals are quite fashionable right now in Japan and appear on many game show / reality show / タレント (talent) shows. I guess WOWOW decided to cash in on that one.

The website homepage for the drama

Apparently I found it news worthy. How did I find out about it? I was reading advertising on the train. I always look at the ads to see what I can and cannot read, try to figure out the meaning, etc. I saw the ad and thought, “Wait a minute. Is that what I think?” My translation was just fine.