Six days and counting

A heavy rainIt truly is rainy season. We’ve had six days of rain. Maybe tomorrow we will have a break. Sunday it rained cats and dogs in Tokyo, and Tomo and I had to go to Shibuya for some shopping. Tomo was trying to get his autographed Rolling Stone Lady GaGa Cover (Tomo, xoxo, Lady GaGa) framed. So he was gingerly carrying his triple wrapped GaGa, weaving through the crowd, me trying to follow as closely as possible, and umbrellas bumping the entire time. In the end, we actually found a way to frame the magazine. What was remarkable to me is the shop double matted with 8 ply mat board for the price of the frame itself. IN 20 MINUTES! That’s some good service.

I hope everyone enjoys their Fourth of July holiday? Me? I worked. Of course. Although I will make it up later in the month. I completely exhausted my patience reservoirs today, and I’m not so proud of myself. As I mentioned on Facebook, leave it to blocked Visa charges and a hard work week to get me grumpy. I snapped at the restaurant hostess who said to me in English, as if I was 3 years old, “Do you speak Japanese?” “I better read and speak Japanese, honey, ’cause your new menu doesn’t have a lick of English on it. Now seat me, I’m hungry.” That’s not really what I said. I said, “Hai!” like a 3 year old.

In other interesting Japanese news, I saw someone collapsed on the floor at the train station with a pool of vomit nearby. He was attended to and I assume it was a big night out. I always feel bad walking by situations like that but what am I going to do? Stop and help? I don’t speak the language well enough and I’m not a doctor. Since people were around I kept going. As I was walking down one of the busiest streets in Nagoya approaching my apartment, I saw a man urinating into a planter. This, however, was not a well protected planter. It was a very exposed planter. The only thing he had going for him was that it was dark. Strange things going on and the moon isn’t quite yet full tonight. No pictures for this paragraph.

One final note – I thought top-knot and white-sweats might have reconciled. They were talking slightly on Wednesday and even sat next to each other on the train. But, alas, the silence is mostly deafening. I hope they make up.