Opening, triple f studio

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In 1997, I began sharing studio space with Sam Byland and Ben Mui. The studio consists of a darkroom, a work room, and a space that we set up to be a temporary gallery. After a few months, Ben and Sam decided it was time to have an opening at the studio and choose a time in February, 1998. Unfortunately, most of my work was already in Indiana in an exhibition and I had just prepared the Croatia show, so I was in no position to begin a show from scratch. Instead, I choose to displays portraits from previous exhibitions or unexhibited portraits. As a result, the photographs are pulled from Greece – Attica and the Cyclades, Selected Images, and High Season, Croatia. I also included a few pictures that had not been previously exhibited.

On a second wall in the studio, I hung other examples of my work and they are included in this gallery.


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