Ben's Diary


It's only 11 days until the ride starts, and I am finally putting a diary page up. Well, it's been like 8 months since Jon and I signed up to do the California AIDS Ride together. Back in September, if I remember right. Now it's less than 10 days until we drive up to San Francisco with our bikes, chauffeured by our friend Hanish. We'll be leaving to head up there on Thursday the 1st so we can be ready to go on Day 0, which is actually Saturday the 3rd. All the safety stuff, info, protocol, etc. to make sure everyone knows whatever they need to in order to make it though the 7 days and 570 miles. Then the big event starts on Sunday, 7am.
So, besides that, I've raised more than the minimum amount to ride, so I am perfectly legal without floating the balance on my credit card in order to ride. That's a relief. When I first started thinking about raising money, I figured "$2500 shouldn't be too hard." Then I realized that I had to actually ask people to support me. Well, that's the part that I had a little trouble with. Fortunately, I have a bunch of wonderful friends that wanted to see me able to do the ride, and wanted to help a great cause. Thanks, everyone.
This weekend will be the last real chance for me to ride before the big event. I am trying to figure out just how much I want to ride this weekend. On the one hand it's my last chance to get in nice, long rides before subjecting myself to day after day of biking. On the other hand, it's my last chance to really relax before the ride... Everything in moderation, I guess.
Not much else to report on from here. I guess I want to thank everyone who has been there for me these last months, and I want to thank everyone who helped make it possible for me to take on the challenge. Thank you, everyone.