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The California AIDS Ride 7 Portfolio

by Jonathan Fish

Exhibition on 29 January 2000
7:00 pm to 12:00 am

[click on image to enlarge]

Ayers Rock Resort I, Australia, 1998

Cape Sunion, Attica, Greece, 1993

Statue, Paris, 1993

Olympic Stadium, Berlin, 1993

Charles Bridge, Prague, 1994

limited edition of 25

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After much deliberation, I have finally decided on the images for my AIDS Ride portfolio.  It wasn't easy.  I tried to choose photos that are typical of styles that I have exhibited in the past.  I also constrained myself to 35 mm format photos, passing up a number of 6 x 6 and 6 x 7 negatives.  I chose pictures that I hoped people would consider framing and hanging.  So here they are.

The Photos:

Ayers Rock Resort I, Australia, 1998.  I had travelled to Australia a number of times for work between 1991 and 1995, yet I had never been to the Red Center.  I went to Sydney with friends on vacation in 1997 and 1998.   Finally in February 1998 we went to the Center.  It was hot.  Very hot.   We stayed at Ayers Rock Resort.  The design of the buildings created some very interesting architectural abstractions, and I hope to use a number of these images in a future exhibition.

Cape Sunion, Attica, Greece, 1993.  I travelled to Greece in 1993 (see Greece - Attica and the Cyclades for the complete exhibition) to photograph and enjoy the sun.  After returning from the Islands, I took a bus to Cape Sunion with a friend I had met in Santorini.  He wanted to see Byron's name scratched in the marble (we did).  And because of him I have a book of Byron's poetry that I still haven't read.  Also, Herbert List has a number of photos of Sunion in his book Hellas, including a photo of George Hoyningen-Huene.  I am a big fan of List and Hoyningen-Huene.  I had recently read about Sunion (Plato comes to mind but I couldn't find a reference - someone seeing a ship returning around the Cape), so I wanted to go.  The photograph was not originally in the exhibition because it was too similar to photos from Delos and the Acropolis.

Statue, Paris, 1993.  This photograph was taken the same day as The Ecstasy of Martyrdom (see Selected Images).  I discovered the negative when I was looking for images for this portfolio.  I like the softness of the marble, the highlight on the nose, the smooth detail.

Olympic Stadium, Berlin, 1993.  I had seen clips of Leni Riefenstahl films and other films of the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  I was very curious to see the Olympic Stadium.  I was in Hamburg and Berlin in 1993 prior to going to Greece (doing my Spender, Isherwood, List pilgrimage).  Some of the photos from that trip can be seen in Selected Images.  I got very sick in Berlin and spent most of the time in my hotel room wondering if I'd ever eat again.  I recovered enough to get out at the end of the trip to the Stadium.  I was surprised at how open it was.  I still remember being uncomfortable there, knowing what was happening in 1936 and what was to come.

Charles Bridge, Prague, 1994.  Late December in Prague (see Waterworks for a description of another Prague photo).  It was cold and gray, and snowing every so often.  The snow is visible on the bridge and the rail.   There are several pictures from the bridge that I considered, but I felt that this one was the most appropriate for 8 x 10.  The castle is clearly visitble in the background too.