Ben's AIDS Ride Fundraising Goals

Since I have never tried fundraising before, and I don't have much experience in what it takes to raise a few thousand dollars, I figure I will aim high, and shoot for $5000. It takes a minimum of $2500 in donations for me to participate in the ride. I want to do 100% better than that.

So, how have I done so far? Well, I've been able to entice a few people with my portfolios, plus some generous donations from people who did not want the portfolios (face it, they wanted to donate more, they just didn't like the photos!)

The running total so far is:

$3567.02 (71.3%)
[as of 24-May-2000]

I have made it past the minimum pledge level to be able to ride, but I am still taking donations. If you would like to help out, please click here. There is a form to fill out, which I can send you, or you can simply send me a personal check made out to "California AIDS Ride".

Thank you for all of your support!